Andrew continues the Nomad Capitalist’s theme of finding and discovering your ‘home,’ in this week’s introduction. He says if you’re stuck in the same routine every day, you’re never going to get your own questions answered about whether the nomad lifestyle is for you. By doing, by exploring, and by seeing, you’ll find out where home truly feels for you.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:15] Andrew talks about one of his team members who is trying to get a Mexican citizenship.

[4:00] She feels at home when she’s in Mexico, which is why she’s now going after the citizenship.

[4:50] You answer your own questions whether being a Nomad is right for you when you actually start traveling and trying new things.


[7:20] Nick’s business was born out of necessity.

[8:55] How did Nick meet his wife?

[11:25] What kind of places should Nomads go to visit?

[15:00] Currently, Nick is exploring the idea of how to help companies manage their remote employees.

[17:15] Nick and his wife are looking at a ‘slow travel’ model, where they settle down in their target country, and learn a bit of the language.

[19:00] Do you have to be in a depressing country in order to get any ‘real work’ done?

[21:00] How can nomads connect more effectively with the locals?

[22:45] Traveling is about making deep human connections.

[26:40] How do remote workers affect companies and their policies?

[29:40] Not everybody will want to travel outside of their country, but nearly everyone wants to work from home.

[34:20] Is this model sustainable for non-U.S. citizens?

[37:50] Nick has not tried to bank in any of these nomad countries just yet.

[41:15] Do your homework and plan ahead.

[44:35] Nick shares some stories about what it was like working for the United Nations.

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