In Andrew’s introduction, he discusses the true meaning of a nomad. A nomad is someone who goes where they’re treated best, but this does not mean that they leave their tax woes behind them. Governments are becoming more and more connected, and are going after nomads who did not get all their tax ducks in a row. Be careful and do things the right, and legal, way!

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:00] Andrew met a guy from Sweden who was paying 58% tax.

[2:40] Some nomads didn’t think about their taxes when they went overseas, and now the government is going after them.

[3:40] Nomads should constantly be seeking where they’re treated best.

[5:35] Get your tax ducks in a row.


[6:40] When did Aaron’s entrepreneurial career start?

[12:20] Aaron didn’t want to work 80 hours a week working for someone else.

[16:25] How does Aaron feel about startups beginning from a minimal budget?

[17:30] When you keep delaying a project idea, no matter how ‘not ready’ it is, you’ll begin to lose momentum and interest.

[20:30] Andrew says about 87% of the Nomad Capitalist audience are guys, so he needs to speak to ‘guys.’

[22:20] Aaron talks about his business, RoomChecking.

[28:15] Why did Aaron move to Paris?

[31:15] Was it difficult for Aaron to convince his girlfriend to move to Paris with him?

[33:30] Avoid the tourist traps in Paris at all costs. They have awful food there!

[36:30] What have been some of the biggest benefits of moving to Paris?

[41:00] Aaron compares American cultures vs. French culture.

[49:20] The French (Europeans in general) seem to love, love paperwork.

[52:00] The EU has high tax just like the U.S., but at the very least the U.S. makes it easy to pay that tax.

[52:25] Are you looking to move or get a passport from a high tax country? Andrew weighs in.

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The Nomad Tax Trap

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