There are a lot of coaches out there that claim they’re making 6-figures, but those numbers can lie. In this week’s introduction, Andrew warns others to be bit wary of those ‘gurus’ out there, claiming quick financial success. Anybody can be a coach, so it’s important to find one who is A) a good teacher, and B) someone who will empower you to take action.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:25] There are a lot of fakes out there.

[3:40] Teaching is one thing, empowering is another thing.

[3:50] Andrew wants to empower you to do better!

[5:10] Who can teach, and who can empower? You need to find someone who can do both.


[6:15] How did Jenna get into web and writing consulting for writers?

[8:15] Jenna has helped people with their writing projects for over 20 years.

[9:00] When did Jenna realize she could make a business out of helping others with their writing?

[10:15] Europe is a lot cheaper than L.A., where Jenna was living at the time.

[11:45] Have a mini nest egg, and then jump into it! She wished she had left her corporate job sooner.

[12:40] How did Jenna save money? She downsized.

[15:30] Jenna wished she had done her own research about Europe as opposed to listening to everyone else tell her how expensive Europe was (it wasn’t).

[19:15] Time is our most valuable asset. Your mental state and your time cannot be replaced.

[21:45] What are some of the benefits of being a solopreneur?

[26:45] The more things you own, the more you’re owned by things.

[27:00] What countries in Europe does Jenna suggest nomads should go to, or check out?

[32:15] Jenna doesn’t miss winters, but she did miss how the seasons changed, which is not something you typically get in California.

[33:55] Will Jenna be exploring Eastern Europe anytime soon?

[35:40] What kind of experiences has Jenna had with renting out her vacant properties on AirBnB?

[41:15] It’s so, so important to have a good network of troubleshooters who can get stuff done while you’re away.

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