Andrew is back after the holiday break, and is excited to introduce to you this year’s theme for Nomad Capitalist. We all want purpose in life, but more importantly, we want a place where we can fit in and call that place home. You might be born in a country, and feel like a complete stranger in it. It’s Andrew’s mission for this year to help you find a place where you can kick your feet up and call it home.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:25] Nomad Capitalist is doing things a bit differently this year.

[2:15] What’s this year’s theme?

[2:55] Last year’s theme was about abundance.

[4:15] What many of Andrew’s clients are looking for is a sense of purpose.

[5:45] There will be talks in the future about the charitable initiatives Nomad Capitalist will be doing.

[6:25] Andrew could have had a bigger impact on various communities, if he had spent his money wisely.

[7:35] How can you use your money in a more optimal way, to create more freedom and purpose for yourself?

[9:00] Fitting in somewhere is so important to us.

[14:45] Home is something that we all want.

[17:35] Let’s get started!


[19:10] Why did Jeannette want to become an entrepreneur?

[20:55] It took Jeannette eight years to officially make the jump.

[23:35] What advice would Jeannette give to someone who’s under 20?

[25:15] What was Jeannette’s job like?

[29:45] As an entrepreneur, everything is on you.

[30:55] What was Jeannette’s aha moment?

[35:35] As Jeannette racks up more mileage, and explores new countries, does the concept of a ‘Walmart’ become more and more foreign?

[41:25] Despite working less hours, the French are the most productive.

[45:25] What kinds of flags has Jeannette been planting?

[48:55] Set up your company early on.

[51:00] Accouting is the number one thing you should focus on in the beginning. It’s not sexy, but it’s a must!

[52:15] Why is Jeannette located in Lisbon right now?

[55:20] What kind of challenges has Jeannette faced?

[1:01:05] What have been some of the positive and negative things Jeannette has found when it comes to dating platforms?

[1:06:15] Which country has Jeannette been to where the locals were the nicest/hottest guys?

[1:09:45] Learn ten phrases wherever you go.

[1:10:55] How do you say ‘Netflix and Chill’ in Swedish?

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