As the year comes to an end, Andrew appears for a solo show, to discuss some of the main lessons he’s learned in 2016. In total, he has had four big lessons he’d like to share with his audience today. If you’re like him, and see inspiration everywhere you go, the most important thing you can do is write down your thoughts on a piece of paper, and determine which path makes the most sense for your next year goals and desires.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:35] There’s no guest today, but Andrew has four important lessons he’s learned throughout 2016, as this year slowly winds down.

[4:50] If you’re someone who has lots of ideas, it’s important to sit down and figure out the agenda for the next year.

[7:30] The dreams and desires that you want today, aren’t going to happen overnight. Start now.

[9:25] There’s just something magical about writing your goals down on a pen and paper, not a computer.

[13:25] Lesson one: This year’s theme was abundance.

[14:45] Andrew is not here to convince you.

[14:55] If you’re happy with one passport, and paying taxes, then perhaps you don’t need Andrew and his services.

[17:30] Andrew is not going to host any more conferences for the public.

[18:55] Andrew wishes he had an abundance mindset earlier on in his entrepreneurial career.

[22:45] Focus on the value that you’ll get for that high-ticket price. Don’t focus on just the expense.

[23:05] Lesson two: Work towards the end principle.

[23:40] When you work backwards, you eliminate the ‘shiny object syndrome’.

[27:20] If you have to, fill the bad stuff with good stuff. If not, the bad stuff will just come back!

[30:25] Lesson three: Trust.

[31:10] How do you know you can trust this merchant/supplier/etc?

[34:40] Andrew is your guinea pig.

[35:35] Andrew realizes that he didn’t want to trust people.

[37:20] Having trust in the right people is the right thing to do. It will save you time!

[38:05] What are you doing in your life that is holding you back from trust?

[39:55] Lesson four: Are you happy?

[43:55] You have to run towards what you want.

[47:15] If you don’t want to chase shiny objects, then don’t listen to someone who only sells shiny objects.

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