It seems everyone in the U.S. is worried about fake news, but there is something much more sinister going on, and that’s censored news. Andrew recently experienced this when the Huffington Post decided to feature him in an article, and it subsequently got taken down within hours of it being posted. Yes, it’s unfortunate Andrew got banned for presenting an alternative way of living, but actions like these lead curious people down the wrong, and often unethical, path.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:40] Let’s talk about the fake news that’s been circulating around lately.

[2:20] We can’t have any fake news…

[4:25] Andrew explains what recently happened to him and his company.

[6:40] Andrew was featured in the Huffington Post … and then they removed the article.

[11:35] Just as fake news is prominent, censored news is too.

[13:05] The lack of good resources and information leads people down sketchy roads.

[13:40] You can find the legal way to do it. You can find the moral way to do it!!!

[18:50] Email Andrew your thoughts!


[22:15] Why did Andrei become an entrepreneur?

[29:00] Andrei talks about the process to get Canadian citizenship.

[32:50] Why is Russia simpler than Canada?

[36:10] What has Andrei been able to achieve in Canada that he couldn’t do in his home country?

[37:40] What challenges has Andrei faced while living in Canada?

[40:05] How did Andrei convince his wife to leave Russia?

The Lightning Round:

[41:50] One business — Uber.

[42:55] One country — NA.

[44:05] One book — Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

[44:40] One tool — PhraseExpress.

Listener Question:

[46:40] Which country caused Andrew to have the biggest failure?

[48:15] There’s no such thing as ‘failure’. It’s a mindset thing.

[51:55] However, with that being said, failure happens when you’re confused and have too much going on.

[53:45] You either succeed or you learn.

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Andrew Banned from Huffington Post

Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki

E-Myth, by Michael Gerber

Built to Sell, by John Warrillow

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