Young nomads who hope to have children one day are concerned about the kind of life they’d have to have in order to properly raise them. Andrew’s motto at the Nomad Capitalist is, “Go where you’re treated best.” and this saying doesn’t change when you have kids. Why go back to your home country to raise a child in a school that doesn’t teach your children anything about life and the world as we, us nomads, know it?

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:30] More and more people are getting interested in the nomad lifestyle.

[1:50] As more people see that the option is available to go where you’re treated best, more people will end up choosing it.

[2:35] What happens to the nomad lifestyle once you have kids?

[4:45] Andrew is still trying to figure out that answer.

[5:15] Traditional schooling might not be the must-have/right option for a nomadic child.

[9:35] The reason why nomads are here and traveling is because we’ve realized the old rules don’t apply anymore.

[11:40] If you look at the test scores at some of these high-end ivy league schools, the kids aren’t learning anything!

[13:15] Public schools over the years have really, really, really gone downhill.

[14:00] What is the U.S. best in, other than spending $$$ on the military? Why do you want to move back and educate your children there?

[16:25] You can continue your nomad lifestyle with a child!

[18:25] You have to go where you’re treated best! Having a child does not change that.

[19:40] Remember, you don’t have to conform to anybody’s rules!


[21:55] What’s currently going on in Lisbon, Portugal? Why did Dan and Stevie go there?

[22:55] How did Dan get started as an entrepreneur?

[24:25] Dan believes there’s a real opportunity in crowdfunding in both Europe and Asia.

[24:45] How did Stevie get started as an entrepreneur?

[27:40] What was Dan and Stevie’s big ah-ha moment?

[31:25] What kind of flags has the couple planted in Europe?

[33:40] How does the UK and Portugal compare to each other?

[38:55] What has been some of the biggest challenges the couple has run into?

The Lightning Round:

[44:15] One business – Speciality food stores.

[45:05] One country – U.S., but answer may change.

[46:00] One book – Cookbook from the country you’re living in.

[46:55] One tool – Transferwise.

Listener Question:

[50:45] What does Andrew recommend for holiday gifts to a nomad?

[52:25] Donate!

[56:20] Andrew’s convenience is the value, not necessarily the cost of the item.

[58:10] Please donate in Andrew’s name instead of giving him a gift.

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