Andrew is currently visiting Bulgaria and has some thoughts to share with his Nomad Capitalist audience on the pros and cons of Bulgaria. There are benefits to Bulgaria, but like everywhere else, there are some drawbacks to consider. Andrew believes Bulgaria is an excellent place for Nomads who want to be in the EU, but do not want to pay high EU taxes.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:45] What’s Andrew’s take on Bulgaria?

[3:45] Bulgaria has one of the lowest tax rates in the EU.

[4:45] Andrew avoids Romania.

[7:35] Bulgaria is making efforts to clean up corruption.

[9:35] Bulgaria is a place for people who want to be in the EU and do business.

[10:10] So, what does Andrew think of Bulgaria?

[14:50] You can buy agricultural land very cheaply in Bulgaria.

[17:10] There is a way to go where you’re treated best!


[19:10] Why did Monika want to become an entrepreneur?

[20:35] Monika hated having a full-time job.

[23:55] What was Monika’s ah-ha moment?

[26:00] Sometimes you just have to go and fix things as they crop up.

[26:40] What stops people from taking action?

[30:35] Bulgarians are very eager to explore the world.

[31:30] Why did Monika move from Bulgaria to Australia?

[32:30] What are some of the benefits of Australia?

[33:25] If Monika was running a big business, she’d move someplace else.

[34:00] What advice would Monika give to those who want to move to Bulgaria?

[35:55] Is Monika making a sacrifice by raising her family in Australia?

[37:05] Why does Monika wish to move to Central America next?

[37:20] What kind of problems has Monika run into while running her business?

[38:40] What has been some of the biggest successes Monika has achieved in Australia that she couldn’t have done in Bulgaria?

The Lightning Round:

[39:40] One business – Personalized services.

[40:35] One country – Costa Rica.

[41:45] One book – Will It Fly?, by Pat Flynn.

[42:20] One tool – Click funnels.

Listener Question:

[44:35] What is the ideal travel schedule for someone who wants to live as a Nomad Capitalist?

[49:25] 90 days in one location seems to be a comfortable number for most Nomads.

[51:45] Don’t leave the herd back home only to follow another herd elsewhere —  Discover on your own.

[52:35] A ten day schedule is the best approach.

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Will it Fly? By Pat Flynn

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