Mashable recently came out with an article titled, 11 ways Millennials can save money. In it, the author recommends Millennials wash their hair less frequently in order to save on shampoo costs. Andrew comments that the Millennial culture is a painful one, but that pain is being buried and it’s only going to get worse. As an outsider peeking in, Andrew sees a culture where depriving yourself is cool and wants to warn others that it really, really isn’t.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[3:30] Andrew reads off a Mashable article on 11 ways Millennials can save money.

[4:15] Half of kids in Spain don’t have a job.

[7:30] Couple plans on moving from Michigan to South Africa in order to cut their cost of living and pay off their student loans.

[9:10] Nomad Capitalist helps lessen the perceived pain of moving to a foreign country.

[9:35] You need to have a little bit of pain in order to make a positive change.

[12:20] In the Western world, there is so much pain under the surface. So much buried pain.

[12:45] There’s a culture starting to develop where depriving yourself is cool.

[15:25] Don’t let the culture drag you down and convince you that deprivation and high taxation is cool.

[18:55] Looking to change your lifestyle? Visit


[21:20] Why did Anastasiya become an entrepreneur?

[25:05] What was Anastasiya’s aha moment?

[28:20] Why do people seem to dislike the corporate culture so much?

[33:45] Women in Europe don’t like going to the gym as much as men do. It’s a very male-dominated environment.

[35:50] What kind of flags is Anastasiya planting in Italy?

[39:00] Building good rapport with others in Italy is everything.

[39:55] How does Anastasiya manage her long distance relationship with her husband?

The Lightning Round:

[41:30] One business – Cooking tours.

[42:05] One country – Italy

[43:05] One book – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

[43:40] One tool – Some kind of translator app.

Listener Question:

[46:00] What should someone’s net worth be when looking into trusts?

[46:55] There just doesn’t seem to be a real need for a trust.

[48:30] Around $500,000 is when you should start thinking about it.

[49:45] Look at alternative ways before you go jumping to get a trust.

[50:00] Remember, Andrew’s advice is just an overview. With something like this, you do need situation-based advice from an expert.

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