Andrew talks about the interesting times we live in right now. Attacks are happening all over the world, which is deeply unfortunate. Andrew believes we’re living in an age of extremes, governments are running out of money and people are both angry and frustrated about the changing times. The real point people have to see is that one person or particular government isn’t the problem, Trump is not the real underlying problem because if it isn’t him, it’ll be someone else. In order to navigate safely through these uncertain times, you have to diversify your assets and plant flags all around the world.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:30] We’re really living in interesting times right now.

[2:25] Attacks are happening all over the world.

[3:50] Nobody knew Brexit would actually happen, but you should still know that diversifying is always a smart move.

[5:00] Trump is not the issue.

[6:45] We’re living in an age of extremes. Governments are broke more than ever.

[7:15] People are angry and frustrated. They don’t want to accept change.

[8:00] Sure, Andrew was caught off guard by the Brexit decision, but he was already prepared beforehand.

[8:15] How do you deal with all of this madness?

[9:25] Andrew likes Malta because no one really understands what’s going on there.

[10:15] How many violent attacks happen in Georgia?

[12:55] Whatever you’re hearing from the media, from your block, is probably 180 degrees from the reality.

[13:05] The United States is an extremely corrupt country.

[15:15] Diversify your portfolio.

[18:55] Andrew wishes we didn’t live in such a violent world.


[22:20] Andrew welcomes Dietrich.

[22:45] Why did Dietrich become an entrepreneur?

[26:05] What was Dietrich’s big aha moment?

[30:15] You don’t have to go to a big city in a foreign country to run your business. You can live in a rural town and manage a virtual team.

[34:15] There’s about 90 million people in Vietnam.

[39:25] Why does Dietrich love Vietnam?

[42:25] You do need a certain amount of backup money for Vietnam. Plan for three years’ worth of income.

[45:45] Use your common sense when in Vietnam. If something looks too good to be true, stay away from it.

The Lighting Round:

[46:35] One business – Food exports.

[47:05] One country – NA.

[47:35] One book – German motivational book.

[48:10] One tool – Fiverr.

Listener Question:

[50:15] What are Andrew’s thoughts on Cyprus?

[54:00] Why do you want an offshore company?

[55:15] Cyprus banks will be skeptical of your business.

[55:30] Hong Kong is even kicking people out.

[58:15] Andrew does not recommend Cyprus.

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