For Andrew’s intro, he discusses the path less traveled and developing strong bases throughout the world, which Nomads can always come to. He dislikes Spain because there’s nothing that really keeps people from staying there. It’s a cheap thrill that quickly loses its allure because the vast majority of things do not work correctly over there. He firmly believes that the path less traveled is often the best way to go for planting your flags as your money is able to go further with you.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:40] Andrew sees a lot of followers in this digital nomad movement.

[5:45] Barcelona gets old pretty quickly. People come and go, no one really stays there for an extended period of time.

[9:35] Andrew loves Serbia because things work!

[11:40] The moral of the story here is that the path less traveled is often the best one.

[12:00] The path less traveled is the key to planting your flags. You get more bang for your bucks.

[12:15] Andrew personally can’t see himself living in Spain.

[15:25] What cities should you look for as a base? Andrew explains further.


[18:55] Why did Tamara become an entrepreneur?

[22:30] Tamara teaches classes in entrepreneurship.

[25:25] Tamara is a real hustler! She’s all in.

[27:15] People think you’re crazy for leaving the country. You need like-minded people in your network.

[31:00] When Tamara was starting her sweater business, a lot of her workers were illiterate.

[31:15] Challenges become opportunities.

[31:40] Bolivia has never really had a pro-business mentality or reputation.

[35:05] Tamara talks about some of the challenges she has faced in Bolivia.

[37:45] What should people know about Bolivia?

[40:20] What are some of the key cultural differences between Bolivia and the U.S.?

[41:35] Tamara talks about expanding her business outside of Bolivia.

The Lighting Round:

[42:30] One business – Electronics.

[43:15] One country – Bolivia.

[44:00] One book – Blue Ocean Strategy.

[44:35] One tool – Microsoft Office and the Cloud.

Listener Question:

[46:45] Andrew! Are you hiring?

[47:15] If you’re trying to figure out things in life, 19 is a great age to do it.

[48:25] What’s Andrew’s personal avatar for hiring?

[50:35] Having an employee avatar is just as important as having a customer avatar.

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Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

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