Why would a digital nomad want to open a business in Spain? It would be a disaster based on how things are going with the economy currently. Over half of Spain’s youth is unemployed and restaurants are closed down hours at a time. The Spanish people are not optimistic about their economy and there’s no outside forces that want to come in and fix it due to Spain’s horrible visa programs. Most of the talent has left Spain and the world is slowly discovering that Spain is creating a vicious cycle for itself.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:15] Things you should be aware of in Spain.

[3:50] Nomad Capitalists may not like the direction in which Spain is going.

[5:00] Andrew is currently in Spain, just hanging out.

[5:25] Andrew believes the best hope for Spain is tourism and digital nomads.

[6:00] What’s the problem with Spain exactly? Andrew explains.

[9:05] Why would you come to Spain to run a company? It’s a disaster.

[12:45] Andrew loves Georgia, but he recognizes it’s a bit frontier. There’s no Starbucks, for example.

[13:55] When a country is going in the right direction, try finding an empty restaurant.

[14:15] Andrew believes Spain can turn around, if the government wanted to.


[16:15] Let’s shake things up.

[16:50] Stephen flipped the script and gave up traveling to settle back in the U.S.

[17:30] Why did Stephen become an entrepreneur?

[19:05] Why did Stephen want to move overseas?
[22:35] Stephen grew up poor and one of his goals was financial freedom.

[24:30] What did Stephen learn in China?

[28:25] Did Stephen ever think that China would get ‘old’ for him?

[29:35] Why did Stephen go back to the U.S.?

[32:25] Stephen doesn’t feel like an American anymore.

[35:00] Most countries don’t want to do business with American citizens.

[36:15] Banking in the U.S. has been difficult for Stephen.

[38:35] If you’re going to leave the U.S., get an international friendly bank.

[39:30] The three things Americans obsess about is the weather, the traffic, and McDonalds.

[40:55] Why do you need an update on traffic?

[41:20] Does Stephen have problems dating someone from the same country now that he has traveled?

[44:00] It seems people outside of the U.S. are more fulfilling.

[47:25] What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail and what would you do with the rest of your life?

[48:10] Invest in getting your mind and body right first.

The Lighting Round:

[48:35] One business – Marketing consulting.

[49:35] One country – Latvia.

[50:15] One book – Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

[51:45] One tool – Skype.

Listener Question:

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[54:50] Why does Andrew not offer refunds on Nomad Capitalist products?

[57:00] It’s not about selling more products.

[1:01:20] Thinking you can return the product makes you not want to use the product fully.

[1:02:05] Andrew has cut back on those books and products.

[1:03:10] People get the right results because it’s tailored to them and refunding products will just divert focus for the team.

[1:04:05] Quality over quantity is much more important for Andrew.

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Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

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