In today’s quick intro, Andrew emphasizes the fact that ‘off-the-shell’ passports are no longer the go-to choice. That is because respective governments are noticing these people are potential tax evaders and are denying access to renounced citizens. Instead of finding the quickest and cheapest method, invest the time in securing your future and find a country you would actually like to live and be a productive citizen in, then acquire the passport.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:25] Spain is falling apart.

[1:50] Some countries in Europe have between 30-40% youth unemployment.

[2:50] Why won’t Andrew buy property in Spain?

[4:20] If Andrew had to compare the US to Spain, he’d be more optimistic about the US.

[4:40] Can Spain even hit rock bottom?

[7:55] Andrew explains why you have to get your passport/legal documents done correctly and legally.

[10:10] Andrew is currently in the process of getting an economic citizenship and it wasn’t cheap.

[11:05] The cheapest and fastest passport isn’t always the greatest and Andrew doesn’t recommend it.

[15:40] Will there come a day when the US looks at all the US-born people who have gotten off-the-shell passports?

[17:40] The EU is not looking to let a lot of people in right now.

[19:00] Planning on renouncing your citizenship or getting a second passport? You need strategy.

[24:00] Do things that will solve your problem. If you want to travel the world, then having a weak passport won’t get you there.


[25:45] Why did Milos want to be an entrepreneur?

[29:15] Rebellion is just a symptom of the entrepreneurial spirit that you have.

[30:45] Why did Milos leave New York for an education?

[34:25] What was the first thing Milos did to start his company in Poland?

[39:40] It was a difficult job to teach Polish staff the standards of customer service.

[43:35] Could Milos’s business work in Serbia?

[45:20] What are some of the pros and cons of Poland?

The Lighting Round:

[50:10] One business – Grocery store.

[51:20] One country – Panama.

[52:05] One book – Nietzsche.

[53:55] One tool – Evernote.

Listener Question:

[56:25] Why does Andrew recommend Cambodia and not Vietnam?

[58:10] People in China and Asia love buying real estate.

[59:35] Cambodia is a great place to invest.

[1:00:50] Time is not on your side.

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