Andrew currently loves Eastern Europe and talks about how to safely allocate your assets so that they work for you both on a short-term and long-term basis. Andrew recommends that entrepreneurs should first focus on creating a location-independent business that will give them the financial freedom that is needed to travel. Once you’ve established yourself there, focus on income-generating assets, and then focus a good 10-15% of your investment portfolio on long-term value investments like property.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:40] It’s easy for folks to buy property in Eastern Europe.

[5:45] When you have the resources to invest, it’s important to know how you’re allocating those assets.

[6:40] The best way to allocate your resources? Have a location-independent business.

[9:00] Don’t be held back by doing ‘just one more’ local deal in your country.

[10:50] If you have a million dollars, but no plan to keep generating more money, then you have to be more cautious with your investments.

[12:30] Income-generating assets should be a good part of your portfolio.

[17:40] Andrew talks on why he likes purchasing land.

[18:55] Andrew recommends to put 10-15% of your portfolio into something that has a long-term value.

[20:30] What’s going on in Africa? Listen to today’s guest to find out.

[21:35] Really take a hard look at your asset allocation.


[25:00] Andrew welcomes Fabian.

[25:25] Why did Fabian become an entrepreneur?

[28:45] It was Fabian’s dream to travel, so his business had to be location-independent.

[32:00] What is the coolest job in the world? Google had an answer for Fabian.

[34:00] What was Fabian’s ‘ah-ha’ moment for creating a company that matched his lifestyle?

[35:40] What kind of flags can you plant in Africa?

[36:45] How does banking work in that side of the world?

[39:25] Fabian has learned four languages, thanks to traveling.

[41:15] Africa houses some of the friendliest people around the world. Fabian highly recommends you visit and see the culture for yourself.

The Lighting Round:

[41:55] One business – Don’t know.

[42:55] One country – Chile.

[43:25] One book – Vagabonding by Rolf Potts.

[43:45] One tool – Calendly.

Listener Question:

[46:00] What does Andrew think about the hotel business in an emerging market?

[46:20] First of all, what is Andrew’s definition of an emerging market?

[47:45] Andrew is not a fan of the hotel business in general.

[49:25] The hotel business is too expensive and it requires a lot of knowledge to successfully pull off.

[52:00] Start small. Perhaps a bed and breakfast-esque place first?

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