Andrew is excited to bring on Vít Jedlička, the President of the self-declared libertarian country Liberland. Vít is a politician, publicist, and an activist. During Andrew’s intro, he expresses concerns about becoming a citizen of a country that is not yet recognized by the world. With that being said, he is pro-Liberland and loves what Vít is doing. Vít gives an update on the current political stance Liberland has with the rest of the world and so much more on today’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:55] Andrew hosted one of the first mainstream conferences in the world to talk on Bitcoin.

[3:15] The Nomad Capitalist conference was also one of the first places to talk about Liberland.

[3:40] How do you plant flags in Liberland?

[4:10] Andrew doesn’t have an answer for that question.

[5:20] How will Liberland be accepted by the rest of the world?

[6:50] Are you doing what’s right for you?

[7:50] Want to bank in Hong Kong? That boat has sailed.

[9:15] What kind of recognition will Liberland have? Will it be the same as the Caribbean?

[11:35] Don’t get Andrew wrong, he approves of Liberland.


[16:35] Andrew and his team have been following Liberland for the past year.

[17:40] Why start your own country?

[20:25] What does Vít say to those who still believe a US President can turn the US around?

[23:15] Vít is happy when other countries are talking about Liberland.

[25:40] Vít has received more than 1,000 people from the United State apply for citizenship.

[27:40] What’s the citizenship process for Liberland?

[29:25] What kind of investments/investors is Vít looking for?

[31:20] What’s happening with the Liberland territory?

[32:40] You can plant any flag you want in Liberland.

[35:05] Vít points out that the Simpsons predicted Donald Trump would run for President almost 11 years ago.

Listener Question:

[37:30] How long should you be willing to wait for a second passport?

[38:20] How good of a passport do you want?

[38:55] What’s the end scenario? Do you want to renounce your current one or just a backup plan?

[40:25] Perhaps waiting a bit longer for a quality passport is worth it.

[42:00] You can work on getting two passports at the same time.

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