On last week’s podcast, Andrew talked about practicing the law of abundance. He recently wrote a blog post on the subject entitled, “10 ways to use the Law of Abundance with Flag Theory”, which hopes to help others live a live of abundance and not a life of scarcity. Today’s guest is Kathleen Peddicord, the founder of Live and Invest Overseas. She shares her story and why she moved from Paris to Panama City.

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:00] How can you practice an abundance mindset in your life?

[6:00] Running from the ‘boogeyman’ isn’t going to solve your problems.

[10:00] Negativity isn’t the solution.


[11:55] How did Kathleen’s journey start?

[16:15] What was the big ‘ah-ha’ moment for Kathleen?

[18:00] How long did it take Kathleen to start her business overseas?

[25:55] Panama vs Paris?

[28:45] Kathleen found Ireland frustrating.

[31:35] Starting a business today? Then go to Panama.

[36:25] Panama is influenced by the US.

[40:35] You need to accept a foreign country for what it is.

[42:25] How has moving helped Kathleen’s marriage?

The Lightning Round:

[47:15] One business – book store.

[48:20] One country – France.

[49:30] One book – The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

[50:40] One tool – Skype.

Listener Question:

[53:30] Andrew will be doing consultations one-on-one in February.

[53:55] Tony wants to pay less taxes, but he can’t leave the US. Is Puerto Rico an option?

[56:15] Andrew goes over Puerto Rico’s residency requirements.

[58:40] You need a US tax lawyer.

[59:20] Andrew’s advice? Go to another country and create a plan b for yourself.

[1:00:35] Where do you really want to be?

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The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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