Andrew talks on how U.S real estate is often overpriced and doesn’t offer the best investment options money can buy. He believes that it’s important to go where you’re treated best and to not follow the herd. People looking to become a citizen of the world must network with like-minded people or else they’ll be seen as crazy for not blowing their money on current trends. Today’s guest is Angela Hood from ThisWay Global. Angela talks on what it’s like as a U.S. citizen living and starting a business in London.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:00] What is the most important thing in a business? Sales.

[2:15] Andrew was watching Million Dollar Listing.

[4:05] Why are people paying so much money for real estate?

[7:45] People have short memories.

[10:00] Just because foreigners are buying U.S. Property, it doesn’t mean they’re right.

[12:40] Following the herd is a bad idea.

[13:20] Want to lower your taxes? Don’t follow the herd.

[16:20] Nomad Capitalist can help you network with like-minded people.

[18:15] Email us your story and let’s see if we can help you.


[19:50] Andrew introduces Angela Hood. ThisWay Global

[20:45] Why did Angela decide to become an entrepreneur?

[22:40] Why did Angela leave the U.S.?

[24:50] It’s harder to start businesses in the U.S.

[26:40] There’s a lot of diversity in London.

[29:00] Americans miss out on a lot of opportunities by not traveling.

[29:30] What about the lack of privacy in the UK?

[30:30] Why did Angela choose to start a business in the UK?

[32:05] Angela recommends Czech Republic and Ireland for starting a business.

[33:30] Zero tax countries may not be the right place to go.

[33:50] How international is Angela’s business?

[36:10] What is the greatest business success Angela has achieved?

[38:20] Pros and cons of getting funding?

[40:30] What is the tax situation like in the UK?

[44:35] Does Angela want British citizenship?

The Lighting Round:

[46:20] One country – U.S.

[46:40] One business – Food truck.

[47:35] One book – Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

[48:25] One tool – Slack/Whatsapp.

Listener Question:

[51:25] How can you get a Thai passport?

[53:25] Asia is a bit inclusive.

[56:35] Getting residency in Thailand isn’t cheap.

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