Andrew does a quick comparison between Medellin, Colombia versus London, England. Andrew believes investing in Colombia is a great option right now. The people are incredibly optimistic about where the country is going and Colombian citizens are investing in their economy again. Today’s guest is Mark Peters, who has relocated from New York to the UAE. Mark talks on some of the growing opportunities expats can find while living in Abu Dhabi.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[01:40] Andrew will be hosting a private event just for the Nomad audience.

[03:15] The Colombians are optimistic about their economy.

[05:50] Andrew felt safe in Colombia.

[08:15] Medellin vs. London?

[14:10] Andrew will be revealing his investment playbook at the Passport to Freedom event.

[14:35] London isn’t optimistic.


[19:55] How did Mark get started?

[24:25] Connect with other people to help take your investments to the next level.

[25:40] Why did Mark leave the US?

[28:10] It seems the Middle East and Africa are untouched by expat investments.

[29:30] Are people missing out by not considering places like Abu Dhabi?

[31:25] Should you look to the Middle East to set up a tech company?

[33:00] What’s the weather like?

[34:05] Which flags is Mark currently planting?

[36:30] What’s the banking like in the Middle East?

[38:40] What kind of challenges has Mark faced as a U.S. citizen?

[42:35] The UAE is already 80% expats and they are incredibly welcoming to foreigners.

The Lightning Round:

[45:55] One business – Disposing of furniture and renting apartments.

[47:15] One country – UAE

[48:30] One book – The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday.

[48:55] One tool – Cam Card.

Listener Question:

[51:35] Do you qualify for a Hungarian citizenship?

[54:00] It’s hard to actually get the documents you need, because they’re on paper and archived somewhere.

[56:10] Prepare to spend a lot of time and money on this.

[57:55] It’s not a cheap process, but it’s a good passport to get.

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The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

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