Andrew Henderson talks on whether or not you should invest in the Iraqi Dinar and how you can diversify your US dollars. Andrew believes that if something appears too good to be true, then it probably is. He emphasizes the importance of doing your homework and to invest in what you have a good understanding of.  Do not fall for get-rich-quick schemes, because those rarely come true. Today’s guest is Nadine Hays Pisani. Nadine runs a bed and breakfast in Costa Rica and is the author of Happier Than A Billionaire. She talks on why she left it all and moved to Costa Rica.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:30] Look out for the Passport to Freedom 2016 details in the newsletter.

[3:20] How can you diversify your US dollars?

[4:50] Should you buy Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong?

[10:40] Invest in what you know.

[13:45] Always do your homework.

[17:30] Easy schemes are what you have to be careful of.

[19:45] Take the emotion out of it and make a calculated decision on investment deals.


[23:00] Why did Nadine become an entrepreneur?

[24:15] What was Nadine’s ah-ha moment?

[26:55] The more you know, the more scared it can make you.

[30:20] Why Costa Rica?

[32:40] You can rent a house in Costa Rica for as low as $400.

[36:05] What other flags has Nadine planted around the world?

[39:45] You don’t have to give up your US bank accounts and retirement funds to move aboard.

[44:00] Costa Ricans value their time.

The Lighting Round:

[46:05] One business – Reality show.

[46:40] One country – Italy.

[47:05] One book – No books.

[48:25] One tool – Skype

Listener Question:

[51:25] Can you open a Swiss bank account without a personal visit there?

[52:50] Most banks require you to be physically present.

[54:00] The door for Switzerland is closed unless you’re rich.

[56:30] It is possible to open a bank without physically being there.

[57:10] Fast, easy, and cheap. Pick two out of the three.

[59:40] Check out the Nomad Capitalist book, The Best Offshore Banks.

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