Andrew discusses cut and dry residency programs then in the interview…An internet based business is easier to manage than a traditional brick and mortar shop as Bob Martin found out when trying to run internet cafe’s in the Philippines. He moved his strategy towards e-bay and started selling everything including shampoo. He now sells e-books to entrepreneurs and may need the services of the Nomad Capitalist, possibly the 7 week Boot Camp.

Andrew’s Editorial:

[3:34] The Philippines

[7:17] Malaysia

[9:17] Prince Court Medical Center

[10:10] MM2H program

[12:00] Panama

[16:40] Other residency options

[18:30] Dominica

[19:26] European residencies

[21:09] Programs on

Interview: Bob Martin

[24:05] How Bob got to the Philippines

[25:22] Bob’s big a-ha moment

[27:17] The big expat joke

[28:31] Why Davao stood out to Bob

[30:25] Managing a brick and mortar business from 100 miles away

[31:27] Shampoo as a possible overseas business idea?

[35:30] Shipping abroad, abroad

[36:56] E-books to entrepreneurs

[40:15] Does changing environments open up options?

[42:20] The offshore business set up

[44:08] How the Foreign Earned Income Exemption can help

[45:03] Alleviate problems by learning the local language

[46:40] The SRRV program – Philippine Situational Visa’s

The Lightning Round: 

[48:50] One business – uncertain

[49:33] One country – Philippines

[50:20] One book – 49 ways to make a living in the Philippines

[51:00] One tool – Feedback

Listener Question:

[54:10] Luis asks “What recommendations do you have on a list of the best non FATCA compliant banks?”

[54:20] Andrew is well versed in what he calls Financial Imperialism at its finest

[1:01:04] Follow Nomad Capitalist offshore strategies. You must block and tackle

[1:02:01] Offshore Boot camp, a 7 week course


Best Offshore Banks – Andrew Henderson


Offshore Bootcamp

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