The process of going offshore and becoming a Digital Nomad is not set in stone. Copying other entrepreneur’s formulas may not be a path to your perfect lifestyle . A meaningful personal relationship is obtainable while you are being 100% above board with your residencies, your monies and your offshore strategies.

Key Takeaways: 

Andrews Editorial:

[2:00] Private Club Member shares a relationship article

[5:05] The personal side of things

[8:21] Travel Tips for Digital Nomads

[11:25] Don’t trap yourself with declarations

[14:17] Don’t fall for the nomad formula

[14:46] Andrew can help you with….

[15:36] Lifestyle Design 2.0

The Interview:

[19:00] The tedious and boring parts of the nomad life

[20:43] Gregory’s background

[21:58] Teaching English isn’t a high end service

[23:35] Where is there a need that is not being fulfilled?

[26:59] The guy in control of his life

[27:39] The big A-ha moment

[30:00] People copy digital nomads/entrepreneurs

[32:03] Market Fit

[33:50] Places Greg likes and dislikes

[36:04] If someone’s a jerk they must have a redeeming quality

[36:30] Greg’s offshore strategies

[39:20] International diversification

[41:03] Looking for a mobile, but rooted lifestyle

[42:50] 100% above board as a Digital Nomad

[47:13] Is Spain a good place?

[48:25] Forming a cultural bond with women

Lightning Round:

[52:25] One business – Business courses for locals

[53:20] One country – Ecuador

[53:48] One book – Flatland

[54:44] One tool – Skype

Listener Questions:

[57:21] Jackson wants to go clubbing with Andrew

[59:31] Michaela asks about the Comoros Islands

[1:01:15] Residency options that lead to citizenship

[1:03:08] Dominica – Instant citizenship

[1:06:47] Citizenship by Investment in Comoros


Four Hour Workweek

Flatland Book

Nomad Capitalist Live
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