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Andrew recently saw an ad in his in-flight magazine for an Australian university. In it, it said, “…To be a business leader, you need an MBA.” As someone who chooses to run his own business, Andrew does not have a university degree. In fact, Andrew is willing to bet that none of his guests that have been on the show even have an MBA. As many of the listeners of this show are well aware, you don’t need an MBA to be a business leader, but this ad was just a further reminder of the kind of ‘status quo’ we nomads are up against.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:20] Andrew reads an ad he saw on his flight. “…To be a business leader, you need an MBA.”

[5:55] If a university degree is such a big deal, then why are they advertising for it on a cheesy in-flight magazine?

[7:25] Andrew does not have a university degree. He started his business at 19 and it became a multi-million dollar business.

[9:20] How does having an MBA make you a business leader?

[10:55] If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re naturally looking for new angles.

[11:20] Andrew bets that of all the guests who have been on the show, none of them have an MBA.

[12:20] Don’t fall for the status quo where everyone moves out to the suburbs and pays the price in high taxes.

[13:20] No matter what lifestyle you choose, someone, somewhere will have an opinion on it and will try to get on your case about it. Ignore them!


[16:30] Where did this all start for Lucian?

[19:15] What is Romanian culture like?

[25:15] Although Lucian has a university degree, he believes nowadays with the amount of information available online, you don’t need to follow a 4-5 year curriculum.

[29:35] If you’re going to start a business with someone, do it with someone you’ve at least worked with before.

[37:15] At the end of the day, what really matters is the quality of your life.

[39:00] How does Lucian run his business when he’s traveling the world?

[43:45] When it comes to hiring, employers often look to Asia, but it seems that Romania has much more similar values to Western culture compared to Asian countries.

[49:05] Five years ago, people thought Lucian was weird for working from home. Now, it’s much more accepted.

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