If you’re wondering what it takes to become a Nomad
Capitalist, Andrew has a couple of answers for you. The first
question you should always ask yourself is, ‘why?’ Why are you
doing this? Why do you want to have a second passport or renounce
the one you currently have? You must, must know your ‘why’ before
you set off to acquiring new flags. Andrew says you become a Nomad
Capitalist when you know what freedom looks like to you.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:10] How do you become a Nomad Capitalist?

[2:10] Your story is important. You have to put
yourself first and go where you’re treated best.

[2:30] When people call Andrew, they always like to
ask him, ‘Where are you now?’

[3:25] Traveling can be fun, but you have to know if
it’s right for you.

[6:25] So, what do you have to do to become a Nomad

[7:05] Always ask yourself ‘why?’

[7:25] Don’t ever lose sight of the why. If you don’t
have a why, you’ll never get to the right place.

[9:35] Do what’s comfortable for you. The answer is
different for everybody.

[15:30] Get the right strategies in place and then go
live the life of your dreams.

[17:45] What does freedom mean to you?


[19:40] Why did Olivier want to become an

[20:45] What were some of the things that pushed
Olivier to entrepreneurship?

[22:05] Olivier saw firsthand how broken his
employer’s system was.

[23:15] When was Olivier’s big aha moment on becoming
a nomad?

[25:25] You sometimes have to let go of your old
notions in order to find your true path.

[25:40] People stay in bad situations because they
are comfortable.

[26:40] If you want comfort, this lifestyle may not
be for you.

[27:40] If something is going to go wrong, there’s a
good chance you didn’t think about it.

[27:55] Have a plan B, but don’t develop anxiety over
the worst case scenario.

[28:15] Why did Olivier leave France and move to the

[32:05] Olivier talks about some of his favorite
places to plant flags.

[32:35] Let’s talk banking, what has worked and what

[34:55] Olivier sees Thailand going down the wrong

[37:05] What kind of problems has Olivier run into so

[39:35] Hong Kong is becoming a mess in terms of

[41:25] The US bank told Andrew’s mother to not bring
debit cards to Malaysia, because it’s fraud city.

The Lighting Round:

[44:25] One business – something immigration related
and/or a co-working space.

[45:15] One country – Brazil.

[45:50] One book – Jonathan Livingston Seagull by
Richard Bach.

[46:45] One tool – Google drive.

Listener Question:

[49:05] What would make Andrew move if he was still
living in the US?

[49:30] Everyone says they’re going to move to Canada
if so-and-so is elected.

[50:20] If you love freedom so much, why not

[52:25] The system is the problem, not the person
being elected.

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

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