Piers Morgan seems to have, perhaps more than any other in the media, taken up the cause of gun control after last month’s heartbreaking school shooting. It seems he’s renamed his show “Guns in America”. And he’s been taking aim at plenty of people on the American right.

This week, Morgan interviewed two radio guys: Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro.

One was fiery and overtook the host; the other agreeable yet drove home solid points. They both pointed out what many in the pro-gun crowd don’t believe or just don’t want to admit.

That the Second Amendment was designed to protect against government tyranny.

Yes, some people shoot deer.

Some people want to defend themselves.

That’s not the point.

The pro-gun dialogue in the U.S. has, like most other things in the public discourse, been turned into politically correct platitudes.  Most people, even if they don’t hunt, can at least respect the rights of others to do so.  So the pro-gun crowd talks up that angle.

It’s a smokescreen of sorts. To the casual observer, it sounds a lot more palatable than keeping a few weapons around for the coming revolution.

What was so brilliant about Shapiro’s performance in particular, though, was how he pointed out that government tyranny has the ability to come at the hands of democratically elected governments. America’s founding fathers know that.

Most Americans now don’t even think about it.

As I’ve written before, societal wealth breeds complacency and arrogance.  After all, “that could never happen here”.

Personally, I don’t advocate revolution.

I don’t want to stay and fight.

Nomad Capitalist philosophy dictates you should have assets out of your home country so you can hop the next flight to Singapore before it gets really bad.

The problem is, with politicians’ propensity to exact “incremental change”, you may not feel it coming until it’s too late.  The desire for gun control in the U.S. is largely fueled by a well-meaning but emotional desire for safety at the expense of liberty.

Don’t think for a second, though, that the political class won’t use that to strip you of more liberties that allow government a greater opportunity to control your life.

In the interview, Morgan rails on assault weapons as the villain in each of several mass shootings, calling for a ban on them despite the fact that most of the un-hyped gun crimes, the ones that stir up political emotions, don’t use assault weapons.

If facts didn’t get in the way of political sensationalism, it would sound downright reasonable. Yet any reading of history shows us that the political classes’ desire for “incremental change” as a means to stay in power never really ends.

Once you’ve “survived” giving up part of your liberties, giving up a little more doesn’t sound so bad.  And then a little more, and then a little more.

Whether that path we’re on now will eventually lead to what we’d call tyranny is anyone’s guess, but this is the same road taken by every other tyrant in the past.

Just remember who wants you to believe “it could never happen here”. Kudos to those who can stand up and acknowledge that the road to tyranny is that which takes away our freedoms under the guise of society.

Andrew Henderson
Last updated: Aug 18, 2021 at 6:47AM