Andrew is currently in Mongolia, and shares his thoughts on where he sees the country going in the next couple of years. Andrew believes if you’re an already established entrepreneur who’s gotten your tax and second passports taken care of, then yes, come check out Mongolia for fun. However, if you’re looking for a new home, a more free lifestyle, then you might want to wait on taking Mongolia seriously.


Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:25] Andrew is currently in Mongolia.

[4:30] Andrew believes there’s a lot of potential in certain African countries right now, but has not traveled to there just quite yet.

[6:40] What are some of the benefits to living/working in Mongolia?

[8:25] As of right now, Mongolia is an interesting place to watch.

[10:15] If you’re trying to invest, Andrew is not quite convinced Mongolia is the place for that, just yet.



[12:20] Where did it all start for Matthew?

[14:25] What did Matthew learn from his entrepreneurial parents?

[19:35] Nomad entrepreneurs are able to have very unstructured lives, but how does that affect the overall cultural view of entrepreneurs?

[23:25] Is this nomad/work from anywhere lifestyle too flashy, too markety?

[29:25] Coworking spaces are excellent networking opportunities.

[30:25] Matthew is loving Georgia right now. The talent out there is amazing!

[32:15] What advice does Matthew have for those on the fence about Georgia?

[36:30] Matthew believes in the next five-ten years Georgia will be the next Berlin or London.

[43:25] These up and coming countries just feel more open and welcoming to foreigners, and when you look at the numbers, it makes those sentiments even more real.

[46:20] What’s been Matthew’s experience with working in Hong Kong?


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