Andrew discovered an article from The Guardian discussing how many of the software engineers in Silicon Valley are barely scraping by, despite making over six figures a year. Sometimes, you have to look outside, and attempt to break out of the system you’re in, in order to live a better-quality life. The good news is that people like Andrew and The Nomad Capitalist are here to help, if you want it.


Key Takeaways:


Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:05] According to The Guardian, 6-figure-earning software engineers are barely scraping by in Silicon Valley.

[2:05] $160,000 a year is a terrible salary, according to one engineer.

[3:15] Everybody has different requirements and opinions on what a ‘good’ salary is.

[3:25] How much of that money is going to the state of California?

[5:15] Here’s a guy in Silicon Valley who feels like he doesn’t have options.

[6:45] This is what happens when you’re someone who doesn’t look for ways to break out of the system.

[7:30] Andrew and his team are here to break down the barriers.

[9:25] Isn’t it interesting how taxes are priced just right where everyone ends up at the end of the month with zero?

[10:05] There is an alternative, if that’s what you want!



[11:25] Nathan is an expert in equity crowdfunding.

[12:55] How did Nathan get started?

[14:45] Why did Nathan leave investment banking?

[19:50] After Nathan quit his job, he did about 6 months of traveling around.

[23:05] Is there a place for everyone outside of the home country?

[25:45] Starting a business in Southeast Asia sounds great, but you’re the only one who will know whether it’s a good match for you or not.

[30:15] What kind of investor is a good fit for equity crowdfunding?

[35:35] How do companies know whether or not they’re a good fit?

[40:10] Equity crowdfunding is just another option that you can look into.

[45:25] Having a clear picture of what you want, will help you narrow down your options.

[48:25] You have to do pursue this nomadic lifestyle/business for the right reasons.

[53:45] As long as you know what you want, the things you need to do to get there are very easy to access.


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